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Salt Lake International Airport's new distribution center on Aug. 11, 2020
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Latest News

New Salt Lake Airport Distribution Center Expected To Ease Traffic

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The Salt Lake International Airport has a new distribution center that will improve both traffic and the screening process.

It’s called the Central Receiving and Distribution Center, and Tuesday was the grand opening.

The airport hasn’t had a central distribution facility before now, so individual trucks were delivering to the concourses. Now those trucks will go to the CRDC to unload, and the goods will be delivered from there.

The new facility will not only improve security screenings, but it will also enhance the safety of the goods entering the airport. Those goods include things like food and other items that get distributed at airport restaurants and stores. And any food items that aren’t sold will be donated to the Salt Lake City Mission.

Items will go through a screening process before being delivered to individual areas throughout the airport, minimizing the amount of traffic in the airfield and benefiting those traveling to the airport.

Benjamin Richter, Bradford Airport Logistics founder and CEO, said vendors can now take a unique route away from the traveling public.

“Not co-mingling,” he said. “So you get to the airport with a little more time, a lot less hassle and behind the scene those goods are coming in in a precise manner.”

Bradford Logistics exists at 20 other airports in the United States and one internationally.

The first delivery at Salt Lake International Airport will be Aug. 17.

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