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Changes To Church Magazines: ‘Ensign’ To Be Retired, ‘New Era’ Renamed

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Nearly 50 years after its first publication, the iconic “Ensign” magazine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is being retired.

The First Presidency announced the change Friday, saying the Church will replace its four current magazines with three global magazines: the “Friend” (for children), “For the Strength of Youth” (for youth) and the “Liahona” (for adults).

“I’m great with it,” said Church member Karen Noyce. “I think it’s exciting that the Church is looking at things.”

The “Ensign” has come to mean so much for Noyce and other members of the Church.

“My favorites are the little inspirational stories that share how others have been blessed by God,” she said.

The magazine, currently published only in English, has become a staple in households of members, like Roger and Tamara Arnell.

“When we got married, we always had the magazine sitting out by the phone,” Tamara said. “So that people would think we were reading them,” Roger added.

Church magazines have a long and rich history, dating back to 1840 with “The Millennial Star.”

That history will continue with the heart of the “Ensign” streamlined into the “Liahona” — its international counterpart that is already in distribution in several languages.

“I have always liked the name ‘Ensign,’ but I think I prefer the name ‘Liahona’ just because of what it means,” Noyce said.

Additionally, the Church’s youth magazine, currently called the “New Era,” will be renamed to “For the Strength of Youth.” That magazine, along with the children’s magazine, the “Friend,” will be translated into multiple other languages for the first time.

Subscription for the magazines will open Sept. 1. The new magazines will continue to be available in print or digital formats.

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