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Logan Replaces Expired Mask Mandate With ‘Less Than 10’ Education Campaign

LOGAN, Utah – With COVID-19 case counts above 500 in Utah for the past five days, Logan has put a new education campaign in place to pick up where an expired mask mandate left off.

City leaders said they’ll need the help from everyone to make the “Less Than 10” campaign work in the Cache County area.

One person who agreed with the campaign was Barney Northrop, executive chef at Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread.

“We’ve been wearing masks since March 18,” he said.

Barney Northrop, executive chef at Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread. (KSL-TV)

The owners are in the medical field, and that’s why they take the coronavirus seriously.

Northrup said the campaign asks people to wear masks, social distance and take other precautions is not much to ask.

“Anything we can do to slow the spread of this thing would be great, you know? I don’t think that letting a mask mandate expire is a good idea,” he said.

Crumb Brothers Artisan Bakery in Logan. (KSL-TV)

As the campaign gets underway, the city has already started taking feedback on three potential logos for the “Less Than 10” campaign.

“We’re doing social media, we’re doing print, we’re going into the businesses and working with the businesses, and seeing how we can help them and get print media into there,” said city councilor Jess Bradfield.

He said one of those logos will start showing up in the coming weeks.

Jess Bradfield Logan City Councilmember. (KSL-TV)

The goal was to have less than 10 daily confirmed cases of coronavirus in the city.

“We came up with the number of 10,” Bradfield said. “Ten will make sure that we don’t overwhelm our local hospitals.”

Bradfield said the idea behind the new is to give people the information and trust them to do the right thing.

“This is a campaign about unity, bringing people together with a common goal,” he said.

The campaign will also make protective gear available for business owners who could use the help.

Northrop said he had COVID-19 himself and he doesn’t want to see it spread.

“Just do what you can because it’s better than doing nothing at all,” he said.

The “Less Than 10” campaign is being paid for with federal CARES funds and some help from Cache County.

Bradfield added if the county can maintain that 10 or less goal for two weeks, there are plans for a drive-in movie at the fairgrounds as a reward for the community.

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