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Gephardt: KSL Investigators Help Cedar Hills Woman Reclaim Her Snapchat Account From Hacker

CEDAR HILLS, Utah – Imagine being helplessly locked out of your own Snapchat account  by a hacker posing as you as they hit up your friends for money.

When that happened to a Cedar Hills woman, she said she couldnt get help in recovering her Snapchat account, so she contacted the KSL Investigators.

Hackers locked Holly Laing out of her Snapchat account. (KSL-TV)

Holly Laing had no idea trouble was brewing until an out-of-the-blue email showed up from Snapchat. It told her both the email linked to her account and the accounts password had been successfully changed. That is out-of-the-blue because Laing had not made any changes to her Snapchat at all.

When she tried to log back in, she said it was already too late – someone else got in and locked her out.

Someone else has access to all of my photos, Laing said. Ive had Snapchat for around five years, and so thats five-years-worth of photos. I just cant do anything about it.

Photos aside, the intruder made quick work of his or her access to Laings Snapchat contacts.

That is definitely my communication app. That is where I talk to most of my friends, Laing said.

Now, an imposter was talking to her friends, begging them to send money for a new phone since her credit cards were maxed out.

The real Laing wasted no time contacting Snapchat support, but time did get wasted. They said theyd get back to me within 24 hours, Laing said.

Making matters worse, she said when Snapchat responded, they told her they could not help her because the recovery email ID, password and the phone number associated with the account didnt match.

The bad guy changed all that. So, 72 hours later: “Still dont have access to the account, I cant get into the account at all.

This is where Laing brought us in.

We contacted Snapchat and asked what must be done to at least suspend her account to stop the intruder from using it to scam her friends.

They immediately took a second look, and apparently decided she was the real Holly Laing. The fake one got kicked out.

Snapchat Support can get you back into your hacked account. (KSL-TV)

While Laing is glad to have again to her account, she was not thrilled by Snapchats customer service.

She believes something like this shouldn’t take days to resolve. “I definitely think that they need to at least have a number to call for when your account gets hacked, she said. And it can be taken care of within a couple minutes.”

We asked Snapchat if there is an emergency number for immediate help with hijacked accounts. We thoroughly looked over the site for such a number and couldnt find one. They didnt give us an answer on that, but did point us to the Snapchat Support, where you can get help in recovering your account by clicking the Report a safety concern option, followed by My Snapchat account and then My account is hacked under the Tell us More submenu.

In their response, Snapchat said it encourages users to report any issues to it its Trust and Safety team, who works around the clock to investigate reports and take appropriate action.

One thing you can do now to help avoid getting your account taken over is to activate two-factor authentication on Snapchat.

This will send a verification code direct to you before anyone can make changes that could lock you out.


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