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Provo High Plays Homecoming Game With No Fans After Move To Orange

PROVO, Utah — The renewed COVID restrictions in Provo kept Bulldog fans away from Provo High School’s Homecoming game. 

Until restrictions are lifted, no fans are allowed at sporting events.

Provo actually tried to move Friday’s game to Spanish Fork so parents could attend, but the Nebo School District backed out.

The high school’s principal said the outrage he received from the community ultimately lead them back home — to a game unlike any they’ve played.

It’s been a school year full of surprises for pretty much everyone.

“The decorations aren’t necessarily normal,” said Ray Haslem.  

But when it comes to high school homecoming games, Provo High stands out. 

“It’ll just be different,” said Haslem. “There’s nothing to compare it to.”

Not just because of parents like Ray Haslem – who went above and beyond to show their support.

I don’t know that you can put it into words because it’s so new,” he said.

And not just for the work the team put in.

The traditional game that should have brought a sense of normal to campus looked the way it should on the field, but that was the only place.

Still, thanks to the quick actions of parents, there was something in the stands.

“To know that the parents that aren’t there support them and love them,” said Ray. 

But the only reaction off the field came from the cheerleaders who stood alone in trying to rally the team to victory.

“Cheer green white! Let’s go! Let’s fight!” yelled the cheerleaders.

Provo’s move to the orange phase meant no fans.

“We were looking at any way to let our boys play in front of their parents,” said Ray. “Of course there’s going to be negative reactions.”

An attempt to play the game in Spanish Fork seemed to only make things worse.

“That’s the world we live in now,” he said.

So the teams decided it was best to play at home. 

“There are teams from Provo and Orem tonight that are traveling with their fans,” said Haslem. “It just happened that we had a home game scheduled and there is no precedent.”

And the high school community, though not physically there, made their presence no surprise.

“Nothing changes with how much we support them,” said Ray.

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