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Emily Jolley, left, and Terran Butler (Photo provided by Unified Police Department)
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Estranged Twin Of Mother Accused Of Kidnapping Son Believes She Planned It

MILLCREEK, Utah – The search is still on for 6-year-old Terran Butler after police issued an Amber Alert Monday when they determined the boy was in danger.

His mother, Emily Jolley, who has no custodial rights, took him Saturday afternoon and hasn’t been seen since.

Erica Wanner, Jolley’s twin sister, hasn’t talked to her sister for three years. But in 2017, she said she watched her sister abuse the boy and conspire to kidnap him.

“She told me that she was thinking about finding a way to take off with him,” Wanner said. “Watching her interactions with her son, who was 3. It made it ill. I was so upset.”

She said her sister was violent and cut her off after that conversation.

On Saturday afternoon, Tim Butler arrived to pick up his son after a supervised visit, and he knew right away something was wrong. He was right. His son’s mother, who had lost parental rights had taken off with his son.

Now, he just wants his son back.

“We want to make it first clear that we want both of them back. We want both back safely with no harm coming to anybody involved,” Butler said.

Jolley’s Facebook profile claims child protective services illegally stole her son from her. In addition, on the day of Terran Butler’s disappearance, Jolley had documents created claiming she had regained full custody of her son. Documents from a so-called Supreme Court of Utah Common Law Constitutional Court.

Sgt. Melody Cutler with the Unified Police Department said those papers mean nothing. “Those are not legal documents and they’re meaningless in Utah and the United States courts,” she said. “They hold no legal value.”

Investigators believe Jolley has help and could be in hiding. She drives a 2008 Blue Toyota Prius with Utah license plates No. E84 7GT. So far, they have not located the car and Wanner thinks it won’t be easy to find her.

“The hard part is people cannot underestimate her capability to hide in plain sight,” she said.

Timothy Butler had this emotional message for his son’s mother. “Please just come home,” he said. “Just come back. Come back safely and let’s figure this out.”

Investigators said there will be more charges filed in this case. Emily’s mother, Larain Jolley, faces felony obstruction of justice charges and posted bail earlier this week. Wanner believes her mother knows were Terran Butler and Emily Jolley are. But so far, she has been uncooperative with investigators.

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