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Two Cats Shot, Injured By Blow Darts In Provo

Two cats were shot with blow darts near Utah Lake State Park over the last two weeks. (Issac Bott & Provo Police Department)

PROVO, Utah – Officials with the Provo Police Department said two cats have been shot and injured by blow darts near Utah Lake State Park.

Animal control officer Michelle Proctor said the first cat was found around 9 a.m. on September 22 with a dart in its head. The second was discovered Wednesday with a dart in the left side of its body.

The first cat, a 5-month-old female, was treated by Dr. Isaac Bott at Mountain West Animal Hospital. Bott said the cat’s left eye had to be removed.

That cat is recovering with a foster family.

WARNING: Some viewers may find these photos to be graphic.

The second cat, another female about 5 months old, was found by a woman on Tuesday. Animal control officers were able to trap the cat and take it to a veterinarian.

“The cat was treated at the vet where they amputated her front left leg,” Proctor said. “After receiving care, she was taken to the shelter and she is still at the shelter recuperating.”

Bott added the dart punctured the second cat’s lung as well.

Proctor said neither cat will be put up for adoption until they fully recover, which could take around three weeks.

She added they are investigating and charges will be filed if the suspect is located.

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