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Many People Out Enjoying Fall Colors This Weekend

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — A lot of people are heading to the mountains, hoping to get one last look at the fall colors before they change.

If only they would last a little longer. Maybe if it stayed another month or two. But we all know fall doesn’t last as long as many of us would like it to.

That’s why Liz Allen and her friend Jessica Endicott headed up Millcreek Canyon in Salt Lake City — to capture those colors in their artwork as best as possible before they’re gone.

“The colors are immaculate. They’re beautiful,” said Allen. “It recharges me, and it just does something for your heart in here.”

Maybe more so this year than in years past, people need an escape and mental break from society.

“People get scared. You have a mask on, and people are scared to even smile, and we lose that human touch,” said Allen.

However, getting into nature can do wonders for many of us and give us a sense of peace.

Endicott calls it “forest bathing.”

Having the fall colors certainly helps.

“Take your shoes off, play in the leaves, dance in the wind, do what you need to do to recharge,” said Endicott.

So many people have been staying inside more often because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of those in the mountains say getting outside for a few minutes, even if you stay in your car and just go for a drive to see the fall colors, does something to you.

“It’s really nice to breathe in fresh air and not be stuck inside because I’ve been stuck inside since March,” said 10-year old Sarina Jin.

Jin, her younger brother, and her mother were excited to get up the canyon to continue their tradition of taking fall color photos.

“Your life gets brightened up with the beautiful fall colors,” said Hui Shao, who smiled often while taking pictures of her children.

They’re not alone.

Lots of people are heading to the mountains to see the fall colors.

“I mean, you’ve got your vibrant reds, your oranges, your greens, yellows,” said Endicott.

For as beautiful as the colors are, though, it also means winter is getting closer.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just not as colorful as it is now.

“It’s so beautiful,” said Allen.

It’s also a reminder to stop for a little bit and just enjoy.

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