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Poorly Marked I-15 Lanes Causing Confusion For Lehi Drivers

LEHI, Utah – Another driver is warning about the dangers of driving through Interstate 15’s Lehi Tech Corridor after he was broadsided by a semi-truck that pulled him down the freeway at speeds of 65+ mph.

“I was 3/4 of a mile from the Thanksgiving Point exit, heading south,” Provo resident Dustin Rogers said. “I shifted left to follow the reconstructed lanes. The semi-truck beside me didn’t shift; it just kept going straight. Once the semi hit me, we were attached. I was being pulled sideways down the freeway. It was nerve-racking.”

This was just one more incident being linked to what drivers are calling puzzling and ever-changing lanes in the Tech Corridor.

Rogers said a calm feeling came over him when the semi-truck hit him. He checked the left lane, but there was a car there. He was sandwiched.

“Then the crushing shrill started,” Rogers said.

The semi-truck was severing Rogers’ truck. It was being pierced and sliced open.

“The impact started in the bed of the truck and sliced all the way to the back door. I could see daylight coming in. It was about 10 seconds — but it felt much longer,” Rogers said.

Rogers waited as long as possible and then swerved into the left lane — clipping another car and sending that vehicle into the center divider.

No one was injured, but the semi-truck driver never stopped.

Damages to Rogers’ truck totaled $16,000.

“You can still see the old lane lines they have tried to cover up,” he said. “It’s easy to see how people are getting confused. The lanes jog, and there are lines everywhere.”

Officials from the Utah Department of Transportation said they are waiting for the final configuration for the Utah County Tech Corridor Project, which will come in a few weeks. Officials stressed safety and expressed knowledge of the muddled lane lines.

“With the temporary striping, it’s an adhesive. It’s like when you pull up tape, and there is a residue left there. It reflects in the sun and can be confusing,” UDOT spokesperson John Gleason said. “We have our employees drive the route often. We want to make it as safe as possible.”

Aerial footage from Chopper 5 showed the overlap in lane construction adhesive, which is causing confusion for drivers.

(Chopper 5)

UDOT officials estimated the project will hit completion in the next month or two.

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