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Police Looking For Suspect Who Shot Three People Near Tanner Park

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Police are searching for a suspect who shot and critically injured three people near Tanner Park in Salt Lake County.

The shooting happened around 4 p.m. Sunday.

Witnesses said a driver in a black SUV was traveling east of the park when he shot multiple times in a silver car.

Officials said three people were transported to the hospital in critical condition.

KSL spoke to one witness who got to the victims first.

“Shocked. I have never heard of this happening, especially up here at Tanner Park,” said Alisha Royall.

Royall brought her dog to the park Sunday afternoon, but as she went to leave, she came within steps of a violent shooting.

“I got to the parking lot and heard what sounded like gun shots, like 7 or 8 gunshots,” she said.

“We had multiple reports of shots fired in which three individuals were apparently shot here on the side of the road,” said Lt. Steve Wooldridge with the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Police said they aren’t releasing many more details, but witnesses said they saw a man start shooting out of a black SUV, right at a silver Subaru.

“Then, I saw a black BMW SUV head east, like speed east on Heritage Road, and I screamed, ‘Somebody get that plate!'” said Royall.

Alisha said she ran to help the victims after the SUV sped away.

“I booked it down there with my dog, and I was the first person on the scene,” she said. “There was this white female and this white male on the north side of the road, next to their Subaru, just clutching their abdomen. They had been shot multiple times in the abdomen  one in the hand and one in the leg.”

Alisha said a third victim, a male who was sitting in the passenger seat, had been shot in the forehead.

Witnesses were able to get a license plate number, and police said they have good leads.

Officials aren’t saying whether or not the shooter knew the victims, but Alisha said that’s the one question she asked them.

“I asked them, when I came up on the scene… ‘Do you know these people? Do you know who did this to you?’ And they said, ‘No we don’t know what happened. We don’t recognize this individual.’ They said they don’t know this person, they don’t know what’s going on, so that’s terrifying,” said Royall.

Police haven’t made an arrest yet, but they said they don’t need the public’s help right now because they have good leads.

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