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Family Says Vandals Threw Pumpkin Through Window, Smashed Decorations

AMERICAN FORK, Utah – A Utah County family said their surveillance camera captured vandals throwing a pumpkin through their window early Monday morning.

No one was injured, but members of the Gregorio family said someone in their American Fork household could have easily been hurt because it happened in an area where there is often someone sitting at the window.

The window was patched up when KSL-TV arrived to talk to the family, but the attack sprayed glass all over the room.

“We was downstairs, and then we just hear a huge noise, and after that, we just hear a glass broke, so we just come upstairs and look what happened,” Esmeralda Gregario said.

It took the vandals just seven seconds to smash up their fall decorations and make a final throw through the front window. They ran to a car, waiting on the street.

“I know don’t where was the parents of those kids? Like they look pretty young teenagers maybe,” said Gregario.

Esmeralda and Venus Gregorio describe the noise and damage after vandals throw pumpkin through their window. (KSL-TV)

The video is grainy, she’s hoping someone will be able to tell police who these kids are because she said this could have easily been more than vandalism. “We have four kids, sometimes it’s the best time for do our homework,” she said.

Early as it was Gregario said she and her husband, Venus, are often right there studying for their classes at Utah Valley University.

“Even if it’s late, like 2 a.m., we have to do that kind of things and we are so glad that that night, we wasn’t there doing any homework,” she said. “We was downstairs, we didn’t have anything to do.”

She’s still angry and said she wants the vandals to have some consideration for others.

“I hope that they don’t do it anymore,” Gregario added. “Like, this is a pretty nice city.”

The Gregario reported the incident to the American Fork Police Department. Call them at 801-763-3020 if you have any information on the vandals.

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