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Protesters Target State Epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn’s Home

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A small group of people gathered outside the home of state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn Thursday, saying they believe orders from local health officials are going too far during the pandemic.

They were there while Dunn took part in Gov. Gary Herbert’s weekly coronavirus update.

Neighbors supported their right to protest, just not outside Dunn’s home and in their neighborhood.

Police reminded demonstrators that Utah law prohibits targeted picketing of a residence, other than the governor’s, and they had to put away their signs.

A police officer who responded to the neighborhood told the small group, “As long as you’re not being vocal, chanting, trying to target any individual.”

“That lacks class for one thing and could be interpreted as a threat. I mean, Dr. Dunn has little children at home,” said Mark Fotheringham, spokesman for the Utah Medical Association. “That just seems totally inappropriate on every level.”

The governor also asked protesters to cancel their plans after the weekly press conference.

Fotheringham also agreed with the group’s right to protest, but not there. He said Dunn is doing a good job as state epidemiologist.

“She’s been dedicated to the health and prolonging the life of people her entire career,” Fotheringham said. “During the Ebola scare, she was in Africa helping the people there.”

Dunn said it’s scary and taking a toll on her family.

“I think it’s really unfortunate that we live in a state where people feel that it’s OK to harass civil servants,” she said. “It’s wrong.”

Dr. Dunn’s neighbor told protestors that they crossed the line. (Mike Anderson, KSL TV)

The group sent a letter to Dunn that said they have unanswered questions and want to point out that state policies can affect people in unexpected ways.  They also asked for hospitalization numbers statewide.

“Let’s send her some support. Really. Think of the pressure she’s under,” said neighbor Mark Cronin. “Things have to change. I don’t care what your political views are. The way we treat people nowadays, the way we treat each other as humans is completely wrong.”

He said it feels like an invasion of privacy.

“I just think it’s wrong. I just think it’s flat out wrong,” Cronin added.

KSL identified the protesting group as Utahns for Medical Freedom. They declined KSL’s requests for interviews but one woman said rather than wearing a mask, people can protect themselves by making healthy diet choices.

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