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Provo Police Say Hospital Trespassers Could Face Charges

PROVO, Utah – Despite growing numbers of COVID-19 in Utah, some conspiracy theorists or disbelievers in the virus are taking drastic measures to trespass into Utah Valley Hospital to record video.

The hospital reported some people were even lying about appointments in an attempt to get in and support their theory that the reported surge in COVID patients in ICUs is a lie.

Friday, hospital officials said the incidents have been few and isolated, but regardless it is private property, and individuals could be charged for trespassing.

Provo police said since May they have had eight trespassing calls from Utah Valley Hospital. It is ultimately up to the hospital to press charges.

“If it’s just entering and remaining unlawfully, then they are looking at a misdemeanor B,” said Det. Kevin Fernandez with the Provo Police Department. “If they do anything above that where they commit a criminal violation, then at that point it could add additional charges for something higher.”

“It would depend on what they are recording,” he added. “Obviously the hospital is a place of privacy for individuals who are going there to receive treatment.”

Utah Valley Hospital administrator Kyle Hansen said the hospital is now changing security procedures.

Hospital spokesperson Lance Madigan said they want to educate people that the virus is real and avoid scare tactics.

Hospital representatives declined any further comment Friday, but they said they are in fact stretched thin and ask people to mask up, wash hands, social distance and stay home when sick.

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