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Parents Can’t Visit Newborn Child After COVID-19 Test Lost

Thanoon Giravi and his wife haven't been able to visit their daughter Sara. (Giravi family)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A mother and father still weren’t able to visit their premature baby in the hospital Friday, as they waited for COVID-19 test results for the second time.

“My wife was going daily to feed her and see her,” said Thanoon Giravi.

Giravi’s daughter Sara was born with health complications at 34 weeks. She’s remained at St. Mark’s Hospital for nearly a month.

Giravi and his wife were visiting her as often as their work and home life with three other children would allow, waiting for the day Sara could return home.

But those visits abruptly ended when Giravi was exposed to COVID-19 and started feeling sick.

“It’s weird. It’s random. I haven’t experienced anything like this,” he said. “Coughing, sore throat, chest pain — I have pretty much everything.”

On Tuesday, he went to get tested. His mother, who was experiencing headaches, went with him.

The place was packed and Giravi said he waited in his car for three hours before they got the test. His mother’s results came back quickly. Giravi’s didn’t and he called to check in often.

“I explained to them the reason why I keep calling is because we have a premature baby at the hospital. She needs us. She needs her mom to go feed her,” he said.

When his results still had not arrived Friday, he called again and said they told him his test had been lost and he would need another one.

“If it is positive it’s going to be difficult. And we just have to wait until we get better,” he said.

Since his symptoms began, Giravi has been taking precautions as if he has it. Living in the basement, trying to stay away from his parents who have other health challenges.

“They have a heart condition. They have diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, you name it. They are not in a good condition and I’m really worried for them,” he said.

Adding to his worry is Sara, who hasn’t seen her parents in days. On Friday, Giravi got a call from the hospital, letting him know she is “almost ready to come home.”

It’s just the news they’ve been waiting for. But it’s complicated.

“Now after we waited so long to bring her home, now we’re not ready to receive her,” he said.

Giravi is still sick. He went in to get retested Friday, but it could be days before he sees results. And he and his wife want to make sure they’re bringing baby Sara back to a healthy home.

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