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Cache Valley Woman Gets High School Diploma At Age 95

PROVIDENCE, Utah – A Cache Valley woman has finally finished her high school diploma at the age of 95.

Even when it seems like you’ve done everything, Wilma Degn knows there’s always the chance to go back and check some empty boxes.

“She worked hard and raised three children, and that accounts for a lot of things,” said Norma Hancey, Degn’s baby sister.

She said Degn married young, moved to California and life continued on.

But 48 great-grandchildren later, she’s now hit a milestone that it appeared already passed her by, back in 1943.


“It’s wonderful,” Degn said. “Something I would never dream of.”

But it finally happened. She just had to pass a 50-question test.

“They said she could get it if she could pass this one test,” Hancey said. “And she got this test done, and it was awesome. She knew almost every question.”

Wilma Degn’s sister, Norma Hancey. (KSL-TV)

And if the additional cap and gown haven’t already given it away, yes, Hancey graduated too, at the age of 77.

Hancey had to finish a couple of English and math classes, but said she wanted to finish high school, like her 12 children.

“I had 12 children, and all 12 of them graduated,” she said. “And I wanted to graduate, like my kids. And so I thought, ‘I’ve got to do this.'”

The sisters got the inspiration from their brother, LaRon Falsev, who got his diploma back in June at age 91.

The sisters were inspired by their brother, who finished his degree earlier this year at age 91.

“We thought two thousand and twenty was a good year, and it is a good year, but a lot of hard things we had to go through,” she said.

It’s made an impact on Degn, which family members said they can see when compared to last year.

Wilma Degn in 2019.

“No, it’s never too late,” Hancey said. “Never give up. That’s what Winston Churchill said, ‘Never give up.’ I think he was talking about the war, but I think it works in our lives, too.”

But the duo proved that together, late or not, you decide when you’re done checking off that list.

It was an event special enough that Degn retooled an old tune: “Do not weary by the way. Wherever you may be. You will have a happier life, if you get your diploma, at 95!”

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