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Wednesday’s Child: Hunter Needs Family To Guide Him To Adulthood

SANDY, Utah – Entering the adult world is a scary feeling for 19-year-old Hunter, who has lived in so many foster homes he’s lost count.

“I’d say upwards of 20, at least,” said Hunter while visiting with KSL-TV at Classic Fun Center in Sandy.

In 2019, 130 youth aged out of foster care in Utah, according to the Utah Department of Human Services, and now Hunter is facing that reality.

“Just because I’m a certain age doesn’t mean I’m suddenly magically able to have all the adult skills needed to survive in our society,” said Hunter.

Hunter said he’s looking for a family that is open-minded as he is transgender and sometimes has trouble communicating.

“If there are people who are interested in learning to care for me, I would say it requires patience… just because I’m timid,” he said.

Lisa Miller is Hunter’s Youth Connections Advocate with Raise The Future. She said Hunter needs someone with patience to guide him.

“Hunter just wants supportive people in his life – people he can call and he needs advice or celebrate a victory in his life, celebrate a promotion, a holiday. He just needs people,” Miller said.

Hunter currently works at a care facility. He said he enjoys the work because it allows him to give a voice to the residents.

“Being able to do something about it when nobody was there to do it for me feels important,” he said.

Hunter hopes to continue down a career path that allows him to be an advocate for others. He said he hopes there is a family that will help him on that journey.

“I’m terrified because if I am out on my own, especially with a lack of support, if I can’t pay rent that month, I don’t have my mom to call and say, ‘Can I have $100,’” he said. “If I need a hug, or somebody to eat Thanksgiving with, then I’m just completely and utterly alone.”

To learn more about Hunter, visit his Heart Gallery profile or contact Raise the Future at 801-265-0444.

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