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West Jordan Girl Raises Over $1K For KSL’s Quarters For Christmas

WEST JORDAN, Utah – Six years ago, Gavin Robbins was featured on the KSL Outdoors Show with Adam Eagle.

He was 6 years old at the time.

Robbins was also on KSL NewsRadio’s The Doug Wright Show.

It was all because he raised hundreds of dollars for Quarters For Christmas, and with all his appearances, he was able to turn those hundreds into thousands.

“Because I thought kids would need it,” Robbins said at the time.

Now, as a teenager, he still thinks fondly of what he did.

“It just gives me a good feeling because I have a lot and other people don’t,” he said during an interview inside his family’s West Jordan home.

However, this story isn’t about him. It’s about his 9-year-old  sister Clara Robbins.

She decided to raise money for Quarters For Christmas herself.

(Winston Armani/KSL-TV)

“It’s all about giving,” she said. “I’m doing Quarters For Christmas because I want to try to collect as much money as I can for kids that need like a coat or some boots or something.”

Robbins was only 3 years old when her brother did it, so doesn’t really remember it all.

However, she has seen the story of her older brother on TV.

“I saw the video and it made me want to do it more,” Robbins said.

So, she did and has collected more than $1,000 so far.

Robbins also sings to try and raise money for her cause and her videos are on her YouTube page.

“I use my talents in a good way and not be selfish about them,” she said.

The Robbins family believes, especially this time of year, it should all be about giving.

They know there are some families and children who don’t have things as good as they do.

The family figured if it can help in any sort of way, even a little bit, it’s worth it.

Not only for children in need, but also for his children as well, to teach them how to be better adults.

Cody, Gavin and Clara Robbins. (Winston Armani/KSL-TV)

“I know they’re helping a lot of people and it makes me feel good,” said father Cody Robbins. “Hopefully, they stay not selfish.”

Clara Robbins said she can’t wait to donate the quarters.

She’s happy her efforts will help children this Christmas.

“It’s just amazing,” she said.

KSL’s Quarters for Christmas is all about raising money for local children in need. One hundred percent of donations are returned to our community providing kids with shoes, clothing and coats.

You can donate at or at any Deseret Book location.

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