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Farmington Mother Demands Changes After Son Struck By Car In Crosswalk

FARMINGTON, Utah — A 13-year-old boy is recovering after he was hit by a car in a Farmington crosswalk. The city said improvements are in the works to make the area safer, but many people say they’re not coming soon enough.

The incident happened last Friday on Clark Lane, near 1200 West.

Jennifer Carroll said she has always been wary about that crosswalk.

“It’s scary. You never know what’s going to happen there,” said Carroll. “It’s a very large street. It’s a very wide street and it takes awhile to get across and so things can happen pretty quick. There’s also a lovely blind spot.”

Bikers, runners, families and kids use the crosswalk often because it connects to a very popular trail. But ever since a bicyclist was hit and killed there several months ago, Carroll has warned her kids to avoid it.

Last Friday, that didn’t happen.

“He was in the crosswalk and apparently had crossed and not seen the car, and the driver didn’t have time to stop,” said Farmington Police Chief Wayne Hansen.

Carroll’s 13-year-old son, Bryan Carroll, and his friend attempted to cross the road. They said they didn’t see the car coming.

“We didn’t see any cars, so we went and then a car came out of nowhere,” he said. “My friend made it across, turned around and then he saw the car. I tried jumping over the car, but then it smacked me in the knee and I flew over to the left side and almost hit my head on the curb. I just remember getting up and telling the people there, ‘I’m fine, I’m fine.’”

He wasn’t exactly fine. He cut open his forehead, banged up his knee and broke his wrist. He was taken to Primary Children’s Hospital to be checked out.

His mom said she’s incredibly grateful he’s still alive today.

“It’s a huge blessing. It could’ve and probably should’ve been a lot worse,” she said.

Farmington police said they’re aware that it’s a busy road. They said the city plans to install a pedestrian crossing with flashing lights, but the parts have been on order for months and still haven’t arrived.

Jennifer Carroll said they can’t keep waiting, and a safer option needs to be put in as soon as possible.

“You have the bikers, you have the joggers, there’s constantly people going back and forth right there, so if it’s not a kid, like that poor man that got hit on the bike and killed, it’s going to be somebody,” she said.

Until that happens, Bryan Carroll and his friends will have to find somewhere else to cross.

“I definitely think it could be safer,” he said.

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