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New Mom Delivers Baby Boy On 2100 North In Lehi

LEHI, Utah – An Eagle Mountain couple has returned home with their new baby boy after he gave them a big surprise – with a roadside delivery.

On the road to wherever you’re headed, there’s bound to be some unsuspected turns. Kaia and Jaden Duclos had come home after a routine visit with the OB-GYN.

Kaia was 38 weeks pregnant.

The plan for the near future was to deliver their new baby boy at Mountain Point Medical Center in Lehi, but later that same night, plans changed.

“Contractions started, but for me, I guess, it’s really not anything out of the ordinary,” Kaia said. “I can have a bunch of contractions per hour and it’s not labor.”

The couple has been through this with their daughter, and things eventually started to calm down.

“So we were like, ‘Oh, OK, false alarm again. Not labor,” Jaden said. “Then right after we said that, the very next one…”

“My water broke,” Kaia said.

They jumped in the car and headed down the highway from their home in Eagle Mountain, calling the hospital on the way.

“I had him talk, because I couldn’t really say much, but I told him, I said, ‘I need someone ready when I get there. I am in a lot of pain,’” Kaia said.

That’s when they said things got real.

“Within the next five minutes, probably after that call, we had … it escalated,” Jaden said.

By that point, the Duclos were only a few minutes away from Mountain View Medical Center, but the baby had other plans.

“Then all of sudden, she’s like, ‘Oh, the baby’s coming!’ I look over, and I’m like, ‘No, he’s not!’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah, he’s coming,’ and I’m like, ‘No, he’s not!’” Jaden said.

Despite Jaden’s wishes, their baby boy was born on the way to the hospital.

“Next thing, I look over, and out (is) the baby,” Jaden said.

“Out came his head, and then the rest of his body, and I held him,” Kaia said.

He was born on 2100 North in Lehi.

It was not at all what they had planned, but they weren’t complaining. Nathan Paul Duclos was born just after midnight Wednesday – all 6 pounds, 1 ounce and 19.5 inches of him.

Mom and baby were both very healthy.

“We feel very blessed. Everything went as best as it could have gone in that type of scenario,” they said.

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