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Man Found Dead After Logan House Fire

LOGAN, Utah – Police said one man is dead after a fire destroyed a Logan home Friday morning.

Police wouldn’t give any information on the victim until autopsy results are made available, but neighbors told KSL he was a nice elderly man.

They added the neighborhood won’t be the same without him.

Sounds from the fire woke up several neighbors. Janessa Benson saw the flames outside her window.

“I was hearing like glass breaking,” she said. “So I stood up like literally on my bed and looked out the window. And, like the whole front of the house was like, on fire.”

She said moments later, firefighters ushered everyone outside. “And our houses are pretty close together, so it did stress me out,” Benson said. “I was like, ‘Oh I really hope like nothing comes over here.’”

Just the one home was damaged. There wasn’t much of it left Friday.

Neighbors said they realized the man who lives there didn’t make it out.

“It’s super sad, very unfortunate,” said Carrie Stephenson. “He was super-friendly. Nice big old beard.”

Naturally, his neighbors were sad to hear he is gone. They showed concern for his family.

“He was really sweet. He was an awesome guy,” said Syndi Moyes. “I mean, he kept to himself mostly. But every time we brought our dogs out, and he was out, he’d come over and pet them and talk to us for a little bit. Just a really, really nice guy.”

The neighbors said they did not know him well but appreciated having him around.

“Like when we first moved in, he came down and was like, ‘Hi. I’m your neighbor,” Stephenson said. “I live four doors down and he’s like, ‘If you ever need anything, let me know. I’m a handyman.’”

Janessa Benson said he always seemed to have a friendly smile.

“It’s too bad because he was really nice. He always would walk by when I was out with my dog and tell us a joke, some cheesy joke,” she said.

Police and firefighters said the incident is under investigation.

No other injuries were reported.

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