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Northern Utah Snow Storm Causes Mess On Roads

CLEARFIELD, Utah Conditions outside made getting around an adventure for some people in Northern Utah as a snow storm moved in, causing a mess on the roads. 

The UDOT traffic app reported a new crash every 15-20 minutes or so, which meant troopers were busy. But as most people said, Utah needs the snow and water.

As soon as Patti Taylor looked out her window Saturday morning, she remembered what Utah is supposed to look like in January.

“I thought, ‘Oh, we’re going to shovel again,'” said Taylor with a laugh.

Clearfield, where she lives, and a good portion of northern Utah got lots of snow all day long.

For as much extra work as it is to clear the snow, though — either by shoveling or snow-blowing — people said it was nice to finally get some.

“We’ve been needing it all year. It’s been pretty dry this year,” said Matthew Trujillo, who was busy clearing his driveway with a snowblower.

Snowfall in Utah has been below average this winter, causing many to worry about drought conditions come spring and summer.

“That’s right. I’m glad we got the snow,” said Taylor. “It’s okay to shovel.”

On Saturday, northern Utah mountains were covered in snow.

Along canyon roads, several snowplows were out trying to keep roads as safe as possible.

Traffic was stopped every now and then in Provo Canyon for avalanche control work.

However, as is often the case, snow also brought plenty of slide-offs and crashes.

Along I-80 in Parley’s Canyon, a pick-up truck ended up on its side after an accident.

“We’ve got a lot of cars sliding off and getting stuck in the snow when it could have been preventable,” said Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Justin Faust.

It was almost non-stop for Utah Highway Patrol troopers as they went from one scene to the next throughout Northern Utah.

Most of the incidents were because of the snow and rain.

“That inclement weather doesn’t mean you should still be driving 70 miles an hour, 65 or whatever,” said Trooper Faust. “Always be cautious. Slow down. You can always slow down if you need to.”

Or, like Taylor, stay home and just enjoy it.

“I like it to look at it,” she said with another laugh. “I don’t ski or anything, but I love the snow. It’s pretty, as long as we don’t have to drive in it.”

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