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Utah Woman Scares Attackers Away After Hearing Cries For Help

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – You never know when your help could be needed. For Rebekah Parke, it was just outside the University Hospital. She was sitting in her car.

“You know, I just hear his shouts, his cries for help like, ‘They’re going to kill me, help me, they’re attacking me,'” Parke said. “I would have felt worse if I just let it happen, right?”

Without even stopping to think about it, she ran up in her crocs, confronting the two men in the parking lot, right outside the emergency room.

“And I have my new Taser right in my purse, and so I grab that,” she said. “I kind of held it at my side, and turned it on to let them know like, ‘Hey, I’m here, and I’m going to mess with you.'”

The warning was enough for one of them. He ran. Parke is over 6 feet tall, and she was armed.

“There was another one who maybe tried to linger, maybe he thought about fighting me,” she said. “I may have gotten him as he kind of swung.”

She believes the Taser connected with his arm, before he also ran off.

“So I kicked off my shoes, and I ran after them, screaming curse words,” Parke said.

Not a moment later, and Parke said she noticed a police cruiser, coming around the corner.

“So I kind of raise my Taser in the air, used it to get his attention,” she said.

And just like that, officers were asking questions, and nurses were coming to get the injured young male.

“He just kept saying that I saved his life,” Parke said. “Then I asked if I could hug him, so we hugged, and then they wheeled him into the hospital.”

It all happened so quickly, but Parke says there’s no question she did what she had to do.

“I don’t want to be dramatic, but those screams are just something that I … it’s going to be a while for me to forget,” she said.

It was Rebekah Parke’s mom who reached out to KSL, by the way. Rebekah was surprised to hear from us Thursday.

Police aren’t sharing many details of the investigation, but say they were able to find the attackers and have them in custody.

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