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Sugar House Man Makes Most Of 60-Hour Interlodge

SNOWBIRD, Utah – After three days of road closures in Little Cottonwood Canyon and an interlodge order issued at the ski resorts, things were back up and running again.

KSL TV spoke with one skier, who said his experience was worth it.

When I heard the interlodge was going up in 10 or 15 minutes, I immediately put my boots on, grabbed my skis, waited by the door, said Reed Goodman, who lives in the Sugar House area.

Once Goodhue and others got the green light, they sprinted out the door. 

Town Of Alta Interlodge Lifted, Little Cottonwood Canyon Reopened

(We) slammed our skis on and tried to get down to the Gadzoom lift as quickly as we could, said the 28-year-old.

Goodhue was one of about 1,500 people between Snowbird and Alta that were stuck at the resorts for three days. Officials said the 60-hour interlodge was the longest ever.

“That moment when they lift the interlodge is what you dream about. Every skier and snowboarder dreams about a three-day mountain to yourself,” Goodhue said. “This is what they call country club skiing, and I’m loving it.”

He wasted no time away from the slopes, even squeezing in a quick interview with KSL on the lift. He admitted, though, he was a little unprepared for interlodge, but the staff at Snowbird took care of him.

“I was somewhat prepared with clothing – ran out of food pretty quickly, but the general store and all the restaurants at Snowbird kept me well fed,” said Goodhue.

Snowbird communications manager Sarah Sherman said interlodge lifted around 9:45 a.m. Wednesday, allowing people like Goodhue plenty of time to get some runs in before the Utah Department of Transportation finished clearing the roads and reopened the canyon to other anxious skiers and snowboarders.

“Our teams will continue working the mountain,” Sherman said. “We got a lot of the mountain open today. Our teams have been working hard up here, but there’s still some more work to be done. Then tomorrow, it is game on for more skiing and riding.”

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