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Some Residents Object To Sign At Millcreek Business That Uses Flag To Cover Explicit Word

MILLCREEK, Utah A sign at a Millcreek business is raising some eyebrows.

The sign is just outside Stewish Automotive on 3300 South and 2700 East, and it’s political – specifically toward President Joe Biden.

While the four-letter word before “Biden” is not spelled out per se, it is enough to get people fired up. Even a quick google search pops up the sign that some would consider obscene.

Some folks on Facebook said this business owner has posted political rhetoric for years outside his establishment and has the right to do so. Still, some community members do not like it, including nearby residents

It’s not just because it badmouths the president; some said it disrespects the U.S. flag, and others said they don’t like the word or the message it implies.

“The fact that I’m driving around with kids and they’re just starting to learn to read and stuff, I don’t appreciate that sign at all,” said mom Megan Turner. “And I don’t think it’s good business.”

Millcreek Mayor Jeff Silvestrini issued the following statement to KSL:

“A number of Millcreek residents have asked that the City of Millcreek address this sign.  We have appealed to this business owner to take its sign down. We agree that the political statement this business has chosen to display is in poor tase and reflects poorly on both our city and this business.  Some feel strongly that it disrespects the flag of the United States of America.  However, both the U.S. and the Utah Constitution protect free expression and that freedom is at its broadest in the arena of political speech.  The sign ‘cleverly’ avoids spelling the full ‘F-word’ expletive by interposing our country’s flag and it conveys a clearly political message. While we do not condone it, we hesitate to expend Millcreek residents’ tax dollars where the city would likely end up paying the attorneys’ fees this business might expend (as well as the city’s own expenses) in a civil rights dispute the city would lose to a near certainty given the law and established precedent concerning the First Amendment.  We do not understand why a business would choose to alienate our community and its own prospective customers in this fashion, but this is a case where the market must control inappropriate behavior, not the city.  The point of constitutional protection of speech unfortunately means that sometimes we may all be offended.”

KSL attempted to talk to the business owner Monday morning. However, despite the “open” sign, the door was locked. Calls to the business were unanswered.

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