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Utah DWR Looking For Driver Who Allegedly Sped Up To Hit, Kill Deer

NORTH OGDEN, Utah – Officers with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources are looking for a driver who allegedly chased a herd of deer with his truck before striking and killing one of them.

Officials said the driver appeared to intentionally speed up and hit a deer in the residential area of 3244 North and 1050 East in North Ogden around 11:30 p.m. Sunday.

“You can hear the driver rev up his engines, shift gears as he is gaining speed coming up,” said conservation officer Trevor Doman said. “It appears it was his intention to run the deer over. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt — that’s why we would like him to come in and talk with us.”

When neighbors woke up to a gory scene Monday morning, many of them checked home surveillance video to see how the deer was killed and left on the sidewalk.

“He races up the street. It’s a 25 mph speed limit zone. The driver was definitely exceeding that,” Doman said. “We believe he hits the deer and then continuously chases more deer up the street.”

Investigators said the situation was bizarre.

“He came back to the neighborhood two different times. He can be seen on camera hitting the deer and then driving off. He then returns to pick up the deer and put it in the bed of his truck.” Doman said. “But then, 10 minutes later, he comes back to the original scene again, takes the deer out of his truck and dumps it on the side of the road.”

Wildlife experts said deer are in their most fragile state during the winter months. Many come down from the highlands to try and survive the cold season.

“For them to be chased like that is not good on their bodies. They are already in a stressful phase during the winter. We have a lot of accidents happen on our streets with deer. Ninety-nine percent are accidents, but this was different. It was disheartening and sickening to see.”

If identified and the actions are proven to be deliberate – officers said this is breaking state code. Illegally killing a deer without a permit and outside of hunting season is poaching.

“If convicted the driver would face a hefty fine and a chunk of change to pay the division restitution for this animal,” Doman said.

If you have any information about this incident – you are asked to call the Northern Utah DWR Office at 801-476-2740.

There are four video clips that officers are investigating. Detectives described the suspected diesel truck as an older Ford pickup model (2001-09) with an extended cab. The truck also had an ATV or motorcycle in the bed during the time of the reported poaching.

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