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Vaccination Process: A Look At How Things Work At The Spanish Fork Location

SPANISH FORK, Utah – What exactly does the vaccination process look like in Utah County?

At the vaccination site in Spanish Fork, residents are asked to wait in their cars until their appointment, at which time they’ll be given some forms to fill out.

The location, which is one of three in the county, also has the option to provide the applicable information online before the appointment.

Once the paperwork has been squared away, the patients will show their ID and will be given a sticker before being sent onto the next step.

Vaccine recipients will then speak to the nurses on site, who will ask if there’s a history of allergic reactions to vaccines, if the person has received a vaccine in the last two weeks, or if the person has had COVID-19 in the past 90 days.

Once that screening is complete, it’s time to roll up the sleeves.

There isn’t a choice when it comes to which vaccine is available. Patients will be told which vaccine the site has for the day, and that’s the one that’s administered.

Following the inoculation, vaccine recipients move on to a waiting area. There they’ll sit for 15 minutes to make sure there aren’t any reactions to the vaccine. This is where a follow-up appointment will also be scheduled to receive the second dose.

What if a person misses their scheduled appointment? Utah County Health Department officials said to come in the day of the appointment, and they’ll try to fit the person into the schedule.

The vaccine process is happening in different ways across the state, and it will vary depending on location, health department, and/or which retail pharmacy is being used.

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