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Utah Earthquake: Some Homes Still Damaged 1 Year Later

MAGNA Utah – Looking back on the earthquake was a challenge for David Winter.

The 23-year-old said the earthquake gave him anxiety after his home nearly collapsed on him.

Winter lives in his home with his brother and his family. They all were temporarily trapped after the shaking stopped.

Damage from the event included broken gas lines, burst pipes and electricity failure.

Their roof was also damaged and still needs fixing.

FEMA stepped in to cover some of the costs to fix the base of their home that was knocked off its hinges.

“That’s kind of a scary experience in my eyes – feeling the whole trailer tip over on you, wondering if it is actually going to collapse on you,” Winter said.

He said that the earthquake, in addition to the pandemic, left him in bad shape mentally.

“I tried committing suicide,” Winter said. “Everything was like, ‘Nope. It is not right for you right now.'”

He took time then to fix his mental health, and he said he’s glad to be here to see what tomorrow brings.

“That’s all we can do,” he said, “is keep living.”

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