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Former Salt Lake City Mayor Announces Plan For New Political Party

SALT LAKE CITY, UtahFormer Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson has had plenty of big ideas before, but this one may be his biggest yet.

Anderson, who left the Democratic party in 2011, said America needs a third major political party — and he intends on being on the team that builds it with the Justice Party.

Do you ever wish we were all nicer to each other? Anderson sure does.

He’s the former mayor of Salt Lake City and has a “Make America Kind Again” political-style sign in the front yard of his home.

“We don’t need this nastiness. We don’t need name-calling,” said Anderson. “We don’t need the pettiness that we’ve seen.”

A lot of people have been turned off by politics, especially with the past few elections.

The divisiveness from both major parties has been debated often, with each side blaming the other.

However, the bitterness from the past few elections has only made Anderson work harder.

“We all know there’s a better way,” he said.

Anderson’s goal is to give people another political choice besides Republican and Democrat when it comes to voting for a major party.

“That is exactly what the Justice Party is about. We don’t want to be just another little sliver irrelevant party,” said Anderson. “We’re going to give it everything we have. I’m not getting paid. I work every single day, oftentimes at night. I believe in this.”

Anderson helped create the Justice Party.

(Winston Armani/KSL-TV)

He even ran for Justice Party in 2012 as the Justice Party candidate.

Now, though, he feels it’s time for America to have a third major party and announced a renewed, aggressive plan for the Justice Party.

“We are driven by the interests of the people of this country and we stand, very largely, for the same kinds of things that the majority of the people in this country want,” he said.

Anderson said that includes universal health care, affordable and equal educational opportunities and building a thriving middle class through fair taxes and balanced government budgets.

“We want to get away from reckless spending, which both these parties have been guilty of,” he said.

Anderson knows building a third major political party won’t be easy. He also feels what the Justice Party represents is what many people truly want and aren’t currently getting.

“Those of us involved in the Justice Party now are willing to do everything we can,” he said.

The Justice Party doesn’t have any candidates yet, but it does have a board of directors and will be looking to recruit candidates, especially younger people, who don’t feel like the other parties represent them.

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