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Rally Held At Utah State Capitol In Support Of Second Amendment

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Dozens gathered at the Utah State Capitol as part of a second amendment rally in support of the right to bear arms.

The purpose of Saturday’s rally, participants said, was to send a message to local leaders.

It all comes in light of two different mass shootings in Colorado and Atlanta in about a week. Ten people were killed in Boulder, while eight were shot dead in Atlanta.

On Friday, President Biden said he would consider executive actions on assault weapons as he urged Congress to pass legislation.

About 100 people gathered at the Capitol saying the right to bear arms was settled in 1776, and they wanted to push back against calls for changes in gun control, specifically banning AR-15s.

The event was organized in part by, who argued there are several types of semi-automatic rifles and it would be unfair to single out the AR-15. They feared gun control laws against semi-automatic weapons would lead to banning arms all together.

Those that gathered also spoke out against extending Utah’s statewide mask mandate past April 10, saying it would hurt businesses and the economy and was unnecessary with vaccine roll outs moving forward.

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