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Two Fires Set Dangerously Close To Homes In Bountiful

BOUNTIFUL, Utah – Investigators said they want to talk with the person or people who started two separate fires within just feet of homes in Davis County.

Officials said it was pretty clear that the fires were intentionally set.

Both fires, set within a day of each other in the same area, were very close to homes.

Firefighters said it’s important to make sure it doesn’t happen again, especially as the state moves toward dryer conditions in the weeks and months ahead.

There were signs of what firefighters said are multiple ignition points just behind the tennis courts at North Canyon Park in Bountiful.

Homeowner Adam Cole said neighbor a came over to warn him.

“(He) knocked on my front door and basically said, ‘Hey, your back hill has some smoke,’ so I ran out here and saw that there were flames kicking up,” Cole said.

He grabbed a fire extinguisher and called 911.

“By the time I had my fire extinguisher up and done and empty, they had shown up with the hoses,” Cole said.

It didn’t take long for firefighters to put the flames out. The size of the fire was small, but officials said the potential for damage was big.

“We were fortunate with the time of year, because it wasn’t as dry,” said Deputy Fire Chief Dave Powers with South Davis Metro Fire.

Powers said that was actually the second fire. There was another one in the same area just the day before.

“We did find some paraphernalia – a can and a lighter – on scene,” he said.

Powers said it’s likely both were children or teenagers messing around, but with so many homes nearby, this is serious business.

“Especially in a year like what we’re anticipating this year, with it being a very dry season, and a high potential for property-loss like we’ve seen over the past few years,” Powers added.

Cole said after catching a glimpse of what could happened from his back yard, it was a little too close.

“It make us nervous. We have an HOA here, and we’ve been watching, you know, everyday watch and make sure that we don’t see any smoke or anything like that. We’re very vigilant, especially the homes that are along the park line here,” Cole said.

Deputy Chief Powers said they’d at least like to talk with the person who started the two fires.

Anyone with information about those were responsible for starting the fires can call South Davis Metro Fire.

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