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St. George Dispatcher Honored With Lifesaving Award

ST. GEORGE, Utah – A St. George dispatcher is being called a hero tonight, but not for her work on the job.

Heather Hallman was watching her son ride his bike at the Snake Hollow bike park a few weeks ago.

That’s when she heard a commotion. A man who had crashed his bike. He was seriously hurt with a deep cut on his leg near the femoral artery. Hallman rushed to help him, immediately applying pressure to the wound and even encouraging the dispatcher who took the 911 call to move quickly.

“So after a few minutes, I told his wife call 911 again. Put it on speaker. I’m so sorry I’m not trying to be bossy because I felt like maybe I was being bossy. And she called and I told them what we had and to upgrade their response and get there with lights and sirens,” Hallman said.

That patient later realized how badly he had been hurt, and just how lucky he was that Hallman came to his aid.

Today Hallman was honored with the Life Saving Award because of her heroic actions.

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