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Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Spam

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Remember when junk mail only came in the form of unwanted cards and catalogs in the mailbox? With email, it’s the spam that clogs up the inbox and you feel helpless with the messages and sales pitches just showing up day after day after day. 

What can you do to fight back?   

According to Forbes, 320 billion spam emails are sent every day — that’s 3.7 million messages every second. 

Also, 95% of all malware is delivered via email, so this is more than a little problematic when it comes to fraud.  

CNBC reported Americans lost $56 billion last year from identity theft, which can originate through bogus emails.   

The Federal Trade Commission posted some tips on how to get rid of the spam and it’s worth a shot:  

First use an email filter, and if you’re already running your provider’s default filter, see if you can ramp it up with specific options.   

If you see spam in your inbox, always mark it as such and you can select specific emails and accounts to flag for removal.   

Open a different email account for targeted, personal messages and keep another for things like newsletters, shopping, coupons and other services.   

Don’t display your email on social media or other websites.   

The good news is spam emails hit an eight-year low recently after a recent spike just before the pandemic. That doesn’t mean you still won’t see the daily flood, just be prepared to do some work to slow the tide.  

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