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Sisters Run Lemonade Stand In West Jordan In Honor Of Their Older Sister

WEST JORDAN, Utah — Some young sisters in West Jordan set up a lemonade stand for people who stopped by, but they weren’t keeping any profits. Their money was going to a cause close to their hearts — donor awareness education.

Days like Saturday are what summers are all about.

“Yeah, it’s hot,” said one woman with a laugh while waiting in line. “We’ll come back for refills.”

The Madsen sisters, 9-year-old Myleigh and 7-year-old Makayla, said they couldn’t wait to open their lemonade stand Saturday morning.

They knew people would want it.

“Yeah, when we started making it, we tried it,” said Myleigh with a laugh.

You can’t blame them for trying their product — it’s good lemonade. However, why they were selling it is even better.

“It’s super important to us,” said Myleigh. “Because she passed away.”

Their older sister, Makenzie, had a stand in that same spot for years selling snow cones.

While waiting for a heart donor last year, though, Makenzie passed away. She was only 14 years old.

“She did it every year, every summer,” said Monica Madsen, who is the girls’ mother. “Her last birthday she was with us, she got a brand-new snow cone maker that she was never able to use.”

So, her younger sisters decided to carry on the tradition — not with snow cones, but with lemonade.

“Words can’t describe how proud I am of these girls and their willingness to do this,” said their father, Tyler Madsen. “Then to donate all of the money to DonorConnect is just amazing.”

That’s right. Every single penny will go to DonorConnect, a group that educates people about the importance of organ donation.

“Organ donation is desperately needed, and if you are in that situation, you should say yes,” said Monica Madsen.

Makenzie’s sisters certainly miss her.

“A lot,” said Myleigh.

But Makenzie wasn’t far from them on Saturday. The sisters had a smiling picture of her on their lemonade stand.

They may be young, but they understand what they’re doing just might save someone else’s big sister.

“Give kids and people a second chance at life. It’s amazing,” said their father.

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