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Utah Father Busts Would-Be Burglar From Taking His Car, Puts Suspect In Headlock

PROVO, Utah – A Provo man nearly had his truck stolen from his own garage until he took the matter into his own hands and busted the would-be burglar.

Diego Pena is a man of routines. He was up at 4 a.m. working out when he found out he wasn’t the only one awake.

Pena went outside to see what was going on. That’s when he saw Weston Henrie in his car.

“He turned and looked at me and ran into my garage,” Pena said.

He tried to get into Pena’s truck that was parked in the garage.

Pena did not hesitate. “I pulled him from the truck and put him in a headlock,” he said.

He wrestled Henrie to the ground and called out to his son for help.

They held Henrie at gunpoint until police arrived.

“I told him he picked the wrong house,” Pena said.

Police said Henrie had allegedly stolen from several other homes.

The whole incident filled Pena with pride. “Oh yeah, I told the girls at work they need to call me Mr. Wayne, like Bruce Wayne.”

Pena said he never considered before that he would ever be in this situation. Now he hopes everyone can switch up their routine to be more cautious.

“I think we get a little complacent and let our guard down,” he said.

Police booked Henrie into jail for two felonies and five misdemeanors in connection with other burglaries.

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