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How To ‘Summer Safely’ On Utah’s Roads

SALT LAKE CITY — During the summer, the number of cars on the road increases, and unfortunately, so do fatal crashes. Historically, Memorial Day to Labor Day is considered the deadliest time on Utah roads, when fatal crashes nearly double.

You may think road or weather conditions are the most significant contributor to crashes, but 80% of crashes happen on clear sunny days on dry roads — and 94% of those crashes are from human error.

The state is seeing an uptick in fatalities from last year. In 2020 from Jan. 1 to June 9, there were 96 deaths from crashes. During the same time in 2021, Utah had already seen 122 deaths.

According to Zero Fatalities Utah, the five main contributors to fatal crashes are:

  • Aggressive driving – be patient. Know before you even get in your car that you will be sharing the road with more people during the summer months. Give yourself some extra time.
  • Impaired driving – never drink and drive.
  • Drowsy driving – this can be as dangerous as drunk driving. Make sure you get enough rest or share the driving duties with someone.
  • Distracted driving – put down the phone and concentrate on the road.
  • Not buckling up – 30% of fatalities could have been prevented by wearing a seat belt.

These five things have something in common; they are entirely preventable by drivers.

Before you hit the road this summer, think about how you will make your trip safer for you and those around you. Be patient, avoid distractions, stay sober, make sure you are rested and always wear your seat belt.

If you’re pulling a trailer or boat, double-check all your connections and equipment for safety.

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