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Wednesday’s Child: 13-Year Old Arielle Loves Dancing

SANDY, Utah – In this week’s Wednesday’s Child, KSL TV visited Kickin’it Dance Company in Sandy to meet 13-year-old Arielle.

“I’m scared,” Arielle laughed.

Arielle wasn’t nervous about dancing, she’s good at it. She was nervous about dancing it in front of our television camera.

“I get nervous for the camera, like when someone is filming and I’m dancing I get nervous,” she said.

Arielle took it in stride and in no time she picked up the moves and smiled.

“Arielle is fun and sweet, I think anyone that gets to know her you can’t help but love her,” said Rylee Evans, Arielle’s Youth Connections Advocate at Raise the Future.

Evans has known Arielle for years. She said Arielle has lived in foster care for six years and despite all the hard things she has gone through, she chooses joy.

“In her soul that’s who she is, she’s kind,” Evans said.

Arielle would love to be a cheerleader or a dancer. She also wants to travel the world someday; she said Chicago and New York are at the top of her list.

“I want to go to Paris too, I want to see the pointy thingy,” she added.

When she’s not working on her TikTok routines, Arielle loves to walk her dogs, and watch TV. She said her favorite show is Diff’rent Strokes.

“I like the little kid that says “what you talking about Willis,” she laughed again.

Arielle is ready for a family, one that will love her and support her,” said Evans.

Arielle needs a family that will stick around, she needs, and she wants that, Evans added.

“There will be hard times, she’s had a really hard life but there are also times where she is smiling and she’s happy and just Arielle shines through.”

For more information about Arielle and the other children living in foster care featured on KSL TV, contact Raise the Future at 801-265-0444 or go to

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