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Wednesday’s Child: 9-Year-Old Dom Is Cheerful, Loves Being Outside

SANDY, Utah – In this week’s Wednesday’s Child, we introduce you to 9-year-old Domanic, who likes to go by Dom. Dom has already faced many hard things in his young life but despite that, he always looking for the positive.

“He entered foster care two years ago due to abuse and neglect, he has been in seven homes at just nine years old which has been hard,” said Gabbi Pagan, Recruitment Coordinator at Raise the Future, “But none of them being due to his situation, many factors go into that. And that’s not including shelters he’s been in.”

Dom loves games, especially arcade games. For his KSL TV feature, Dom visited Nicklecade in Sandy, where the staff went out of their way to ensure he played all his favorite games.

“His perfect day is playing games,” said Pagan.

Dom loves to be around people, he loves being outside and riding his bike.

“He’s so cheerful and willing to talk to anyone and do anything, he’s a go with the flow type of kid, even if the family is doing something he doesn’t enjoy, he’s willing to go on in and be a part of that,” Pagan said.

Dom also loves school; he said his favorite subject is recess but that he also loves math and reading.

Dom was recently placed with a foster family out of a group home, he said he likes being with a foster family and hopes to find his own family soon.

“He is one of those kids that turns every situation around, he enjoys being with other peers his age, and in any foster home he just cherishes that family,” said Pagan.

For more information about Dom and the other Utah children living in foster care featured on KSL TV, contact Raise the Future at 801-265-0444 or go to

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