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Salt Flats Rockets
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Rocket Launching at Bonneville Salt Flats Scrapped

BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS, Utah — It’s a long-standing tradition to launch rockets at the Bonneville Salt Flats and this week more than 500 rockets of all different sizes will takeoff from the salty surface.

The launches brings rocket enthusiasts from across the country to take part in the fun.

“This is my hobby, I do it just for fun”, said Gerald Meuz of San Francisco, “When you hear that countdown and that build up, that part is always the most exciting.”

Paul Joyce has overseen the event for nearly 30 years, but now they are saying goodbye to the salt.

“The new airport has seen a lot of air traffic coming into Salt Lake,” Joyce said.

The Federal Aviation Administration has decided to no longer permit rocket launches in the area just as there is a growing interest in space.

“We’re seeing this huge influx of younger fliers,” Meux said.

The Utah Rocket Association has a plan, they’re looking to move the event as far as Moab in order to keep rockets flying.

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