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2021 Lighting Home Decor Trends That Will Leave You Starry-Eyed

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How to clean your lampshadesThis article about lighting home decor trends is sponsored by Lighting Design.

The lighting and home decor trends in 2021 are just– Wow.

If you’re into interior design, or even if you just want to give a room in your house that special “Ahh” feeling, you’ll love these upscale looks.

Every year, home decor trends fluctuate. Yet one of the best, and most timeless, ways to make a big impact with your home decor is with lighting.

Not only does lighting have the ability to instantly transform a room, but it’s not as expensive as other home makeover options.

The lighting trends this year do not disappoint. Check out these fabulous 2021 lighting trends that will instantly brighten your mood, and will have you planning your next home makeover before you can say “L-E-D.”

1. Gold Finish Lighting Home Decor is Both Modern & Trendy

lighting home decor

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Gone are the days when people thought of gold finish as tacky. If you love the roaring 20s, The Great Gatsby, or art deco, then gold finish decor lighting can be a great way to bring bright tones into a room without going overboard.

Pair gold-finish lighting with the color black and you’ll be ready for a prohibition-style party. (And don’t even get us started on velvet walls. Swoon!)

These black and gold wall lights are the perfect accent for an art deco-themed room.

Or, you can keep it more modern with gray tones or pastel greens and pinks. A gold-finish 4-light fixture looks fantastic in a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen.

Either way, your lighting fixtures are sure to stir up conversation.

2. Rattan Farmhouse Style Lamps Are In

lighting home decor

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If the bold lines of the 20s aren’t quite right for you, then you might like a rattan light fixture. This interesting texture is lighter and more delicate, bringing a classy feel to any room.

With a variety of materials to choose from, including wicker or metal, you can shape the feel of a room however you choose. Wicker has a Boho-style feel, while metal is more modern.

There are many ways to leverage rattan lighting regardless of the room you select. Try a classy rattan chandelier, or maybe you prefer a hanging single-light pendulum.

Fit the style to you, boo, and the lights will do the rest.

3. Alabaster Outdoor or Indoor Decorative Lights Make Any Space High-Class

lighting home decor

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If you like the look of marble but aren’t sure you want it everywhere (or find it too expensive), look next to alabaster lights.

Not only does alabaster have an upscale look, but it lends its own unique, soft lighting to a space.

Upgrade your bathroom easily with a couple of alabaster sconces. Or, for an update that doesn’t cost a fortune, feature hanging alabaster lights in your kitchen instead of a marble countertop.

There are many types of lighting in interior design, but these three styles are trending this year, and we are loving these styles.

Plus, you don’t have to keep all of your updates indoors. Take your lighting interior design outdoors with outdoor lighting ideas for your patio, garden, or flower beds.

Need more lighting ideas? See what else is trending this year.

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