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Test-to-stay protocol underway at Syracuse Elementary after COVID-19 outbreak

SYRACUSE, Utah — A rise in the number of COVID-19 cases at Syracuse Elementary has pushed the school into a mandatory test-to-stay event.

All students there will have to test negative or stay at home for ten days.

With it being an elementary school this time, that brings with it some additional concerns for a lot of parents.

The Davis School District had two test-to-stay events at high schools last school year, but this is their first one under a state law that was passed earlier this year.

“It’s hard, it’s hard for these kids,” said Megan Brady. “They’ve been through a lot these last two years.”

Parents like Megan Brady have concerns for their children, who have some anxiety over the testing, which is a big reason why the Davis School District will allow parents to be with them.

They’ll also have to give permission.

“If they don’t provide that information, then we can’t test our students, and our student will have to leave school for that ten-day period while that passes,” said Chris Williams, spokesperson for Davis County School.

Parents can also provide a negative test from another source.

Williams said Syracuse Elementary serves just under 900 students and is required to have the event since there are now 30 or more positive COVID-19 cases.

Some parents are not quite sure how they feel about it.

“I don’t know. I’ve been kind of mixed about it,” said Amy Budge. I just got the email today.”

“It’s probably on the side of being a little over-cautious, but maybe that’s better than being on the other side,” she continued.

But, if it helps keep the case numbers down, and though it is now required by law, Williams said it’s an important step.

“The only way that we can educate all students is that they’re healthy,” said Williams.

Though it may prove stressful, some parents feel it’s the right move.

“It makes me very happy to have a principal that we do because I feel like she’s doing the very best that she can do,” said Brady. “She’s trying to follow the guidelines that were set.”

A charter school in Draper is also running a test-to-stay, making these the first two schools, that we know of, to do this under the new state law.

Williams added that though there is no mask mandate, they’re strongly encouraged.

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