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Wyoming Coroner in Gabby Petito case determining cause of death

The Instagram account of Gabrielle Petito, 22, was briefly taken down Wednesday morning.

Jackson, Wyo. – Gabby Petito’s family will meet with Wyoming officials Tuesday to find out how she died.

Park Ranger Melissa Hulls says she warned Petito of her relationship with Laundrie. Hulls said she told Petito that it seemed “toxic”.

On August 12th, Gabby and Brian were fighting outside the Moonflower Co-op when a person called 911. KSL was originally denied a request for the call, but was successful in its appeal efforts to get it.

The caller told police that he saw Brian slapping Gabby before they walked up the sidewalk and drove off.

That’s not what Brian and Gabby told officers, and Hulls when they got to the scene. They said Brian locked Gabby out of the van and Gabby hit him while trying to get in the van, then a witness they spoke to at the scene wasn’t sure what he saw.

“I am separating you for the evening. I understand this feels like a nightmare but you are coming out of this as the golden flower on top of the m0untain,” an officer can be heard saying.

Petito was the one that officers almost gave a domestic citation to, but they ended up separating the couple instead.

Moab police repeatedly denied requests for an interview.

Hulls points out that women feel more comfortable talking to women during domestic disputes, and Gabby was surrounded by male officers until Hulls arrived.

“I can still hear her voice,” Hulls said in an exclusive interview with the Deseret News. “She wasn’t just a face on the milk carton, she was real to me.”

After talking with her, Hulls says she warned her to reevaluate her relationship, saying, “She had a lot of anxiety about being away from him. I honestly thought if anything was going to change it would be after they got home to Florida.”

The only person of interest in Gabby’s case remains unaccounted for, her boyfriend Brian Laundrie.

Tuesday morning police resumed the search for Laundrie in a Florida wildlife area. This after FBI agents served a search warrant on his parent’s home Monday, removing boxes of evidence and looking for any electronics that could provide information in the investigation.

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