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Wednesday’s Child: 14-year-old Skylar loves creating videos and hopes to find forever home

SALT LAKE CITY – When 14-year-old Skylar, who identifies as nonbinary, thinks about the future, they think of a career in video production.

“I kind of want to be a YouTuber or Twitch streamer type person,” says Skylar, who would like to start a YouTube channel with commentary about popular online games.

To learn more about video production, Skylar visited BW Productions in Salt Lake City, where they got a taste of what it’s like to be in front of the camera and behind it.

“It’s cool,” says Skylar while learning about one of BW Production’s cameras.

Skylar has lived in foster care since the age of 9. Skylar says the constant moving from foster home to foster home forces a kid to grow up.

“It’s forced me to be more independent,” says Skylar, “I didn’t really get to have a childhood growing up.”

Skylar is in those critical teen years when many kids in foster care start thinking about their future; where they will live if they’re never adopted. Skylar doesn’t want that kind of future and is holding out hope for a family.

“I know that there might be someone out there who will actually care to have me in their life and who won’t just … not necessarily throw me away, but will be there for me at times when I need them,” says Skylar.

Skylar active in the LGBTQ community. By being open about the recent change to identifying as nonbinary, Skylar hopes a family will embrace this new path in life.

“It’s kind of new, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve put a lot of hard thought into it for a little bit and I just decided this is better for me,” says Skylar.

There are many things that makeup who Skylar is; Skylar loves people, music and traveling.

“I want to do crazy stuff, I want to go to Australia or the U.K.,” says Skylar.

Skylar wants to do all of these things, but more than anything, Skylar wants to do them with the support of a family.

For more information about Skylar please contact Raise the Future at 801-265-0444 or visit

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