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Police search for Orem man in connection with Fentanyl drug bust

Oxycodone pills side by side with fake fentanyl photos made to look like the powerful pain killer but even more deadly. (USCO)

Police are searching for a 49-year-old Orem, Utah man they say was manufacturing and dealing fentanyl from his home.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office released information about Kevin Lynn Larson, 49, who lives at South Geneva Road, and said narcotics detectives and Spanish Fork police served a warrant there Monday and are now looking for him.

The office said Larson has been under investigation for nearly a year while law enforcement developed four different cases on him related to drug distribution.

“They have found that each time they arrest Larson he bails out of jail and immediately returns to dealing drugs,” the sheriff’s office said in a release. Recently investigators developed information they said led them to believe Larson was involved in the distribution of fentanyl.

Previously he has been arrested for charges related to methamphetamine, police said.

On Monday when law enforcement served a warrant on Larson’s residence, they said they found

  • 56 counterfeit fentanyl pills, made to look like 30 mg oxycodone hydrochloride pills
  • 17 grams of meth
  • 1 gram of heroin
  • multiple items of drug paraphernalia

Police said the fentanyl pills are deigned to look like a legal narcotic pain medication but said they present an even higher danger of death to the user.

“One of the problems with these pills…is that back room drug dealers manufacturing operations do not have the ability, nor do they take the time, to insure that the amount of fentanyl in each pill is exactly the same and is not a lethal amount,” the sheriff’s office said in a release.

It said one pill can be, and often are, deadly.

Larson will be charged with three felony counts of drug distribution for the fentanyl, meth and heroin, along with a misdemeanor charge for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Law enforcement distributed pictures of prescription oxycodone and those made in homemade pill presses.

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