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Recall: Red, white and yellow whole onions identified as source of salmonella outbreak

Onions behind salmonella outbreak, according to the CDC. (CDC)

SALT LAKE CITY — The Centers for Disease Control have traced a salmonella outbreak in 37 states to onions imported from Chihuahua, Mexico and distributed throughout the United States.

The CDC advises consumers not to buy or eat any whole fresh red, white or yellow onions distributed by ProSource Inc. Those who have unlabeled onions are advised to throw them away.

A handful of Utah residents were among those reported sick nationwide.

Reports say 652 people have become sick from eating the onions, including 129 hospitalizations. Interviews show that 75% of those sick ate or possibly ate raw onions or dishes with raw onions. Several people reported ill reported eating at the same restaurants.

“Investigators determined that ProSource Inc. supplied whole onions to many of the restaurants where sick people ate,” the CDC said in a statement.

The CDC also advises consumers to wash surfaces and containers with soapy water if that may have touched onions.

Symptoms of salmonella include diarrhea, fever and stomach cramping six hours to six days after eating contaminated food. An illness lasts four to seven days without treatment.

Sometimes the illness is so severe that it requires hospitalization. Children younger than 5 or adults 65 and older, as well as people with weakened immune systems are more likely to have severe illness.

Those who become sick should contact a healthcare provider.

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