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Gephardt: Fallen fence finds new support after call to KSL Investigators

LITTLEFIELD, Arizona — When is a fence, not a fence? When it’s laying on the ground.

Vickie Hug said she contracted with St. George company Handy Manny Property Services early in spring 2021 to build a new fence along her property line.

A few months after it was complete, Hug came across an unexpected sight. “I just came out in the yard one day and my fence was just down,” she said.

Hug thought she knew why: the posts weren’t buried deep enough to bear the weight of the fence.

“They were supposed to put it down two to three feet,” she said, showing the posts that had seemed to have been buried less than two feet.

Hug said she called Handy Manny, but couldn’t get help.

“They won’t return my calls and they won’t answer the phone,” she lamented. “They just act like I don’t exist.”

When KSL Investigators called Handy Manny, he picked right up.

Over the phone he told us the issue with Hug’s fence was weather-related. Heavy rain, combined with a different kind of soil, meant they needed to bury the fence posts deeper than other fences they’d built in the past.

The day after our call, Handy Manny went back out to Hug’s property and fixed the posts, this time burying them much deeper.

We found Handy Manny has seven five-star reviews on Google, and could only find one negative review (Hug’s) listed on Yelp.

We verified he is licensed as a handyman in Utah and has a current business license.

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