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Utah jobs surge through pandemic

SALT LAKE CITY — The number of open jobs in the U.S. has more than doubled since the start of the pandemic, and we just saw another 531,000 jobs added in the latest labor report.

If you think that’s a lot of open positions, consider what Utah has seen over the last year or two.

Career Builder reports that compared with March 2020, the number of available jobs in the state jumped 264%, which is more than double the rate nationwide.

US hiring rebounded in October, with 531,000 jobs added

And it’s interesting to see the changing landscape of work.

The number of remote jobs has quadrupled in just the last year and those sign-on bonuses might be here to stay — that’s how competitive it is among employers.

Last summer, half of all postings on the Career Builder site offered bonuses, and this fall more than a third are still trying to sweeten the deal to attract workers.

Also interesting to note, a site called Self Financial just posted the number of teen jobs nationwide.

Utah has 102,000 teen workers, which is more than half of the teen population in the state.

Compare that to just about 35% of teens across the country and we’ve got a lot of young workers adding to the ranks of those who are employed.

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