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Elementary school production brings some Utah veterans to tears 

GUNNISON, Utah – Some veterans teared up during a big Veterans Day production at an elementary school in Sanpete County Thursday.

Everyone knew this night was coming as students at Gunnison Valley Elementary prepared for a month.

“Welcome to our program,” a voice greeted the people who arrived to see the show.

As the room filled up it became clear that even hours of practice can’t prepare students for butterflies.

Student Robyn McArthur said, “(I’m) nervous and sometimes scared.”

You can’t blame these students if they were a little nervous.

“It’s a very important day to veterans,” said Luella Aragon, one of the students.

They wanted to get their Veterans Day program just right. No mistakes.

Robyn said that was important, “To show the veterans that we love them.” Boy, did they ever.

The students recited patriotic poems and kids with veterans in their families gave them a special thanks.

One student shared with the crowd, “I am proud of my dad for being a veteran.”

The vets appreciated all the songs and a light show.

“I really liked the flashlight song,” said vet Michelle Christenson. “That’s my favorite.”

Maybe it was good that a particular part of the show was in the dark.

It gave some of the military vets time to dry their eyes.

“Umm, my tears run quick. I get very emotional about patriotic songs,” said Vietnam veteran Eldon Reed Roberts.

For veterans, any kind of thank you is a big deal and a whole show is even bigger.

“You wouldn’t believe the feeling you get when you see the kids and the patriotism, they have. It just, it really gets your heart going,” said Harry Kern, a Vietnam veteran.

It was also another lesson for students at Gunnison Valley that when you say ‘thank you’ to a veteran you really can’t mess that up.

Kern agreed, “It’s terrific.”

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