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Tracking trouble hits Utah business ahead of holidays

FARMINGTON, Utah — During the busiest week of the year for e-commerce sites, a local business says the United States Postal Service is using recycled tracking numbers, leading to confusion among customers.

Rockagator owner Randy Pinson said his company, which manufactures backpacks and other outdoor gear, loads a van up to three times a day during their busy season.

The warehouse Pinson uses also ships items for two more companies, sending out 800 to 900 packages a day. The owner says the local post office is great to work with, but he’s not sure why their shipping tracking numbers are directing customers to the wrong dates and delivery.

Usually, Pinson’s packages are signed, sealed and delivered. But he’s gotten 40 to 50 emails that their packages were delivered already over summer months — oftentimes in the wrong state.

“I take her order number, enter it into our shipping program, pull it up and this is her order right here — and it says your item was delivered Aug. 6 in Perry, Georgia,” Pinson said.

Pinson believes USPS has been recycling shipping tracking numbers and the information isn’t updating for some customers. He’s tried reaching out to them about this problem but hasn’t had any luck.

“They are kind of the middle man,” Pinson said.

There isn’t any notice on the USPS website about the issue, but has a message posted that tells customers they know about the problem and it’s ongoing.

“There are some companies like Amazon that ship millions of packages,” Pinson said.

Pinson says this problem has been a big distraction.

“Certainly somebody at the postal service knows they have recycled the tracking numbers and whoever there did (it), didn’t have the purpose they intended, and now it is creating headaches for small business and big business alike,” he said.

KSL TV reached out to national and local representatives with USPS by phone and email and was told they weren’t aware of this by a representative in Denver, but they are looking into the problem.

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