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Fountain Green woman frustrated after pouring thousands into leaky walk-in tub

FOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah — Nothing relaxes like a hot bath. But a Fountain Green woman decided to call the KSL Investigators when the company who installed her expensive bathtub left her high and dry.

Sue Green was having a bad hair day on the day we met her.

“I’m wearing a hat,” Green said. “Because since I can’t take a shower or a bath, my husband has to wash it for me over the sink.”

Green and her husband, Russ, have a wonderful, brand-new bathtub they would love to use. They recently upgraded it to a walk-in model due to some medical issues.

“I can’t take a regular shower or I might fall or pass out,” Green said.

Back in April, the Greens paid about $13,000 for this tub — complete with walk-in access and hot tub jets. But Green said problems with the tub surfaced almost immediately.

“We can’t run the lights, the jets or our blower,” she explained.

Turn any of those on and it kills the electricity to her home. And making matters worse, the tub started leaking.

“We ended up with water in our basement,” Green said.

Green tried calling the installer multiple times to ask him to fix the problems, but said for seven months, she got the run around instead.

“We don’t have any installers right now. We don’t have any of this. We don’t have any of that,” she said were all reasons given as to why her $13,000 tub could not be fixed.

Tired of waiting, Green asked the KSL Investigators for help.

When we could not get in touch with the installer, Tranquility Tubs out of Idaho, we reached out to the tub manufacturer, Boca Walk-In Tubs. In an email, they told us Tranquility is a “separate company,” but reached out to them on Green’s behalf. Boca said Tranquility’s owner reached out to Sue “several times without answer,” but could “have the tub fixed immediately.”

And just like that, within a couple weeks of our emails, she has a fixed tub and can finally get back to good hair days.

One thing Green did get this time — a warranty in writing from the installer.

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