Utah clothing company creates swimwear for breast cancer survivors


SALT LAKE CITY — Breast cancer survivors and sisters from Utah will launch a swimwear line for women who have had surgery.

The company clothing company Lime Ricki is known for sewing bra pads into its swimsuits, but the designers have intentionally kept small slits on the side open for customization.

“We wanted something pink,” Colette Callister, co-owner of Lime Ricki said.

It is breast cancer awareness month, and this project is right on time.

“We have two suit combinations that we’ve put together that are mastectomy-friendly,” said Jennifer Anderson, the other co-owner of Lime Ricki.

“The bra pad we provide can be removed, or if you need to put your own prosthetic in, you’re able to do that,” Nicole Bruderer, a swimsuit designer said.

The three women behind the swimwear line are sisters and responsible for the swimwear line, and they had their own cancer journeys.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 21,” Bruderer explained, “it brings back a lot of emotions for me.”

She would be diagnosed two more times, while her sister, Andreson would also be diagnosed.

“I had stage 3c ovarian cancer ten years ago,” Andreson added.

Meanwhile, Callister had to witness her sisters going through their difficult times.

“My story is being the witness,” she said.

She had to witness the big and small changes to their bodies and minds.

“You have to re-get to know yourself,” Bruderer said.

The women modeling their passion project know how this feels.

“Had a double mastectomy actually a month ago,” Courtney Hilburn, a model for the project and a mother of four said. “I still can’t lift two of them.”

She said cancer and her surgeries have set her back.

“You look in the mirror, and you’re like, huh, that’s not what I used to look like,” Hilburn said.

Staring back at her at this photoshoot is a resilient woman, but her life has been turned upside down.

“The expanders hurt, and it’s tricky to sleep,” Hilburn said. “The scars are really gnarly.”

But she has comfort and coverage, as the women here are on the same journey.

“They’re beautiful whatever their bodies look like, and we’re celebrating that,” Callister said.

The swimsuits go on sale next week, and a portion of the sales will be donated to breast cancer charities. If you wish to look at their swimsuits, you can go to the Lime Ricki website.